Episode Guides

Here are some episode guides of my favourite television series, collected from various Internet resources. All files in gzip-compressed PostScript, 600 dpi, 300 dpi, or resolution independent.

Paper size is DIN A5, so please set your viewer to A5 and do adequate preprocessing before printing. If you have the programs `pstops' and `sed', you can prepare a PostScript file for a two-side A4 printer by executing:

   pstops "4:-3L@1(21cm,0)+0L@1(21cm,14.85cm)","1R@1(0,29.9cm)+-2R@1(0,14.85cm)" input.ps tmp.ps
   sed "s/%%DocumentPaperSizes: a5/%%DocumentPaperSizes: a4/" tmp.ps >output.ps
Print `output.ps', cut the A4 pages in the middle, and sort the resulting A5 pages.

For each episode, you will find (if available): production code, original title, German title(s), original air date (USA), summary, comments, guest star information, Bart's blackboard sentence (Simpsons guide only), the intro tagline (Futurama guide only), and a location index for my media archives (just ignore that one ;-).

I'm really sorry that some of the guides are not quite up to date; I hope I'll find the time for some updates soon ...

Comments welcome 24 hours a day!

SeriesYear(s) 600 dpi 300 dpi any dpi last change
Babylon 5(1993-98) .ps.gz 1999-05-05
Darkwing Duck(1992) .ps.gz 1999-05-17
Earth 2(1994-95) .ps.gz 1999-05-17
Futurama(1999-) .ps.gz 2002-07-11
Magnum P.I.(1980-88) .ps.gz .ps.gz 1998-03-20
Married... With Children(1987-96) .ps.gz .ps.gz 1998-03-20
The Simpsons(1989-) .ps.gz 2000-11-05
Star Trek: The Original Series(1966-69) .ps.gz 1999-05-17
Star Trek: The Next Generation(1987-94) .ps.gz 1999-05-27
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine(1993-99) .ps.gz 1999-06-19
Star Trek: Voyager(1995-) .ps.gz 2000-03-21
The X-Files(1993-) .ps.gz 2000-03-21

DISCLAIMER: For private, non-profit use only. The guides contain material from various copyright owners like Paramount (Star Trek), Disney/Buena Vista (Darkwing Duck), Twentieth Century Fox (Futurama, Simpsons, X-Files), Columbia Tristar/Sony Pictures Entertainment (Married... With Children), Warner Bros. (Babylon 5).

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